We have over 29 years of experience in plastic injection molding so by handing over your project to us, you will definitely be satisfied with the quality. Contact us!

Our services

Injection plastic moulding

 Plaga has innovative injection plastic moulding machines that enables to produce all kinds of plastic parts in weighing from less than 1 gram to over some kilograms. That helps us bring huge variety of products into reality that completes client’s requirements.
We can also include metal inserts in the moulding process.

3D design

3D design is required before production of plastic parts. We can do the 3D modeling based on the sketch which is given by the client. If our client has only the idea or consept of a plastic part – we can help by sketching and 3D modeling a product by ourselves. Plaga truns your ideas into reality.

Manufacture and maintenance of the mold

We can produce molds for our clients and give full after-sales support.
We provide the best quality for our clients. In case of problems, which occur in the process of moulding – we’ll find the quickest way to solve it. In addition to that, repair and maintenance is done by our team of expierenced engineers.

Additional Services

Assembling of the products;
Warehousing of the parts;
Decorating of the part (color, printing logos, etc.)

Why choose us?

Injection plastic mold manufacturing, repairing and projecting.

Plastic parts design,  injection plastic parts moulding. If there is only an idea of how the part should look we can make digital project of it.

Packaging, printing logos on the products and dealing with other issues, which make our client supply chain planning easier.

We have our own transport, which ensured the fastest shipping of your products from our factory doors to your destination.

Warehouses for storing.

Our work

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